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IQPharm study visit at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Trinity College in Dublin

Tuesday, 14th of June was the first day of the IQPharm study visit at the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Trinity College in Dublin. The introduction notes were given by our dear hosts Martin Henman and Cathal Cadogan. Joanne Kissane, Director and National Coordinator of Affiliation for Pharmacy Practice Experiential Learning (APPEL) gave an introduction to experiential learning of the integrated pharmacy programmes of the three Schools of Pharmacy in Ireland – its past and present set up, management and coordination. Associate professor Astrid Sasse, Director of Undergraduate Teaching and Learning of the School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science of Trinity College Dublin talked about their curriculum reform to an integrated program and challenges and changes that this reform has brought. The lectures were followed by very valuable discusions.

Professors Cadogan and Henman gave us a tour of the beautiful TCD School of Pharmacy facilities.

On the second day we had the opportunity to observe the OSCE in action as the mock OSCE was underway at the Royal College of Surgeons

At the beginning of the last day Mr Dan Burns, Professional Standards Manager at Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland gave us an overview of the role of the Pharmaceutical Society of Ireland, as pharmacy regulator in Ireland, in quality assurance in pharmaceutical practice in Ireland. The lecture was followed by very valuable discussion.

IQPharm team continued the discussion with the pre-Registration Examination module coordinator, associate professor Theo Ryan on all the aspects of creating and running the OSCEs.

At the end we went through the update and planning session of the IQPharm project that was coordinated by associate professor Alisa Elezović.

We had the honor of meeting the Head of The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences of Trinity College Dublin, Professor John Gilmer who shared with us his views on OSCE from a perspective of the Head of School.

Many thanks to our host, School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science, Trinity College in Dublin.

We are going forward in the knowledge transfer of QA system in pharmacy education in the EU!

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IQPharm project is centered on raising the quality and modernization of pharmacy studies at public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina including reinforcement of semi-structured experiential education (EE) in compliance with EU standards and regulations of higher education for regulated professions.


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