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IQPharm Open Days

IQPharm Open Days will be organized on 7th and 8th March at the Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Tuzla, and on 9th and 10th March at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Banjaluka.

Objectives of this event are:
✅️  Presentation of Erasmus+ Capacity Building in Higher Education (CBHE) project “Innovating quality assessment tools for pharmacy studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina” (IQPharm)
✅️  Exchange of knowledge and experience between Masters of Pharmacy working in academia and private sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina
✅️  Presentation of new tools for improving education in Bosnia and Herzegovina through the introduction of knowledge retention evaluation framework (KREF) and objective structured clinical examination (OSCE)
✅️  Modernization and digitalization of management and administration of experiential education through the development of a unique platform in Bosnia and Herzegovina 
IQPharm Open Days – IQPHARM

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IQPharm project is centered on raising the quality and modernization of pharmacy studies at public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina including reinforcement of semi-structured experiential education (EE) in compliance with EU standards and regulations of higher education for regulated professions.


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