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The implementation of the OSCE exam as part of the IQPharm Project at the University of Mostar opens the door to quality assessment of pharmacy students in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The University of Mostar, Faculty of Pharmacy, hosted an important event from September 4th 2023 to September 8th 2023 – the implementation of the OSCE exam as part of the IQPharm project (Innovating quality assessment tools for pharmacy studies in Bosnia and Herzegovina). This initiative marks a significant step towards improving the quality of knowledge assessment of pharmacy students and their preparation for future professional practice. OSCE (Objective Structured Clinical Examination) is a structured exam consisting of a series of stations where students perform various practical tasks. This exam is of key importance for evaluating the competencies of pharmacy students and preparing them for real situations that await them in the profession. The implementation of the OSCE examination at the Faculty of Pharmacy in Mostar represents a key step towards raising the standards of pharmaceutical education in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The guests who contributed to the successful implementation of this project were members of the teaching staff from the Department of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine, University of Split. Their rich experience and expertise were invaluable for the students of the Faculty of Pharmacy in Mostar. Full Professor Ivica Brizić, PhD, dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy expressed his satisfaction that the Faculty of Pharmacy in Mostar hosted this extremely important event. “This implementation of the OSCE exam represents a big step forward for our faculty and the future of our students. We are grateful to the professors from Split, assistant professor Šešelja Perišin and assistant professor Bukić, for their support and cooperation,” said the dean during his lecture as part of this assignment. This event marks the beginning of a new era for pharmaceutical education in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where students will be better prepared for the challenges and responsibilities that await them in their future professional practice. The IQPharm project continues its mission of improving pharmaceutical education and the quality of professional practice, thereby ensuring a better future for the pharmaceutical industry in the country.

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IQPharm project is centered on raising the quality and modernization of pharmacy studies at public universities in Bosnia and Herzegovina including reinforcement of semi-structured experiential education (EE) in compliance with EU standards and regulations of higher education for regulated professions.


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